INEF Policy Brief 7/2010

Ten Years of Women, Peace and Security. Gaps and Challenges in Implementing Resolution 1325, INEF Policy Brief 07
Dornig, Swen / Goede, Nils

On 31 October 2000 the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 1325. For the first time in the history of the UN the Council recognized the disproportionate impact of armed conflicts on women and girls and further emphasized the decisive role of women in preventing conflicts and consolidating peace. At the time of its adoption, resolution 1325 was recognized as a major breakthrough for greater gender equality in the area of peace and security and the acceptance of women as active agents in conflict management. Ten years after the adoption of resolution 1325 we assess the impact and implementation of the women, peace and security agenda and provide recommendations for bringing the agenda from rhetoric to practice.

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INEF Policy Brief 5/2009

Post-War and Post-Conflict Challenges for Development Cooperation, INEF Policy Brief 05
Kurtenbach, Sabine

Conflict and violence have become an important context for development cooperation during the last decade. The termination of armed conflict is related to the hope for sustainable peacebuilding. While the immediate post-war/post-conflict period can be a window of opportunity for fundamental changes, experiences on the ground show highly complex and politicised specific social spaces where social change, the consequences of war and violence and peacebuilding converge.
The Policy Brief calls for an expanded and integrated approach. Even if development cooperation cannot address all relevant issues due to a lack of resources and possibilities to influence developments on the ground, it needs to support solutions that address current needs but remain open for future change.

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