Jahrbuch Menschenrechte 2012/2013

Jahrbuch Menschenrechte 2012/2013: Meinungsfreiheit - Quo vadis? (Annual Human Rights Report: Freedom of Expression - Quo vadis?)
Bielefeldt, Heiner / Davy, Ulrike / Deile, Volkmar / Dörnhöfer, Stefanie / Gusy, Christoph / Hamm, Brigitte / Hutter, Franz-Josef / Tretter, Hannes (Hrsg.)

Freedom of expression, of information and of the media reflects the diversity of society and is a basic condition for democracy. Access to information and the free expression and dissemination of views promote critical discourse and, thus, societal and political development. However, the exercise of these fundamental rights is also associated with power and responsibility: monopolies and disinformation endanger the freedom of expression in the same way as state control and restriction of the media. The current Jahrbuch Menschenrechte, the annual human rights report, concentrates on different shapes, threats and opportunities of freedom of expression, the situation in selected countries as well as on the structure and responsibility of the media; as always, the service section informs about current institutional development in the field of human rights (only available in German).

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