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Decentralisation, Civil Society Institutions and Citizens’ Participation on the Level of the Commune (Jamoāt) in Tajikistan (Project Working Paper No. 04, en.)
Bliss, Frank

This working paper is concerned on the one hand with the process of decentralisation, with all its contradictions, in Tajikistan. This, despite intensive international support and a statement of commitment which was in fact issued years ago by the government, is only progressing slowly, and when this paper was finished even partial fiscal decentralisation was far from being achieved. The paper is concerned on the one hand with the collective and individual opportunities for involvement of the population on local processes of decision in the context of the organisation of society in Tajikistan. A further publication will deal with the execution of concrete development projects on the level of the rural commune (Jamoāt) and individual villages (kishlak).
The results summarised here are based on the one hand on a secondary analysis of the most important literature, which includes not only legal texts but also unpublished studies and assessments of various donor organisations on the topic of communal development. Moreover, a total of five project-related trips were made, particularly to the regions of Khatlon and Gorno Badakhshan, as well as three external evaluations, in Sughd and Khatlon amongst others.

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