Violence and Security Concerns in Post-Conflict Situations (Research and Advisory Project „Instruments and Procedures of German Development Cooperation in Post-Conflict Situations“ - Project Working Paper No. 3)
Kurtenbach, Sabine/Wulf, Herbert

This paper will analyze the problems and challenges for the present engagement of development cooperation in security and conflict environments, with a special but not exclusive emphasis on so-called post-conflict and post-war situations. Our main goal is to enhance analytical understanding and the related challenges for external actors as this is the basis for the development of adequate and viable instruments to deal with the related problems. In the first of the three main parts of the paper we will look at the key concepts and definitions related to contexts labeled ‘post-conflict’ – and their problematic usage. In section two we will discuss the characteristics and dynamics on the ground in the social space of post-war and post-conflict societies as the basis for some reflections on violence control and reduction in these contexts. Section three will change the perspective to the interventions of development cooperation and the analysis of various aspects of security concerns: security sector reform as a development concept, privatization of violence and its effects on the monopoly of force, and, finally, the security of aid workers in post-conflict countries and situations shaped by large-scale violence and insecurity. The final section puts forward some recommendations for development cooperation operating in these contexts.

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