Selected large externally funded INEF projects issued their own publication series where research results and external studies with relevance for the project are published in irregular intervals.

AVE - Studies

This publication format reports findings of the field research (especially in Benin, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Kenya) and places them in the context of relevant background information concerning the poverty and food security situation of the countries under consideration. Hence, recommendations for the German governmental development cooperation are formulated.


AVE - Good Practice Series

An important output of the project is the collection of projects, which prove to be good practice examples of development cooperation in a way that they are effective in the reduction of poverty, vulnerability and food insecurity. The "Good Practice Series" presents these cases in a concise and practice-oriented way. Furthermore conditions for success are pointed out and a classification of gender, participation and target group is given.


Procedures of German development cooperation

Our research and advisory project conducts an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the existing instruments and procedures of German Development Cooperation in post-conflict environments. It aims to develop policy recommendations to optimise the planning and implementation of programmes in such situations.



Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility

The project which is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development aims at supporting companies in realizing their human rights responsibility and in linking their actions more closely to processes of sustainable development. Three sub-projects address the interdependent levels of international law, corporate responsibility for human rights and state steering, with their different potentials and functions for the development and implementation of human rights norms.



Participation in Central Asia

The research project aims at analysing participative processes in transformations, with particular focus on the decentralisation and privatisation of former state tasks in the two Central Asian republics Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The goal of the project is to provide a contribution to the international participation research, with the focus lying on the highly western-shaped discourse on development politics in general, as well as on the applicability of the participation approach in development cooperation in the cases of the reference countries.



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