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Zajak, Sabrina / Scheper, Christian

The chapter discusses the dual nature of corporate transparency politics in global production networks as a means of public control over corporate power but also an instrument of corporate power and profit maximization. The authors conceptualize four levels of transparency practices in global production networks (collecting, translating, knowledge-policy transfer and legitimacy politics). These link conflicts around corporate transparency with the broader debate about a changing relationship between states, markets and civil society. The chapter concludes by calling for a new research agenda on transnational transparency politics, which introduces a cultural-economic perspective on knowledge practices and links it with a political-sociological view on power and governance struggles.

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Vüllers, Johannes

Under what conditions do religious groups engage in peace activism? Religious groups engage in peace activism if the associated costs are low and they compete with either conflict party over the interpretation of their religious content concerning war and peace. Peace activism is a promising action as peace activists maintain their positive self-evaluation. I introduce a novel dataset of peace activism for 511 religious groups in 128 countries from 1990 to 2008. Conditional fixed effects and logistic models support my hypotheses. The findings highlight the role of rational considerations in the decision to conduct peace activities by representatives of religious groups.

Publikationpublication 3

The material politics of damming water: An introduction
Schapper, Andrea / Scheper, Christian / Unrau, Christine

Hydroelectric power is on the rise. Both developed and emerging economies establish hydroelectric dams in order to make use of natural water resources, contribute to electrification, and supply energy to national industries. At the same time, dam projects are often faced with large‐scale protests and political contestation. In their editorial to the special issue “The Material Politics of Damming Water: Contestation and Conflict in Hydroelectric Energy Projects” (to be published in Sustainable Development 2019), the authors illustrate both a rising popularity and growing contestation of large dam projects. Bringing together research from history, political science, international relations, economics, as well as environmental sciences and conservation studies, the special issue addresses cases from various world regions.

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