The Friedensgutachten (Peace Report) is a joint yearly publication of the five peace research institutes active in Germany. Published jointly by BICC, FEST, HSFK, IFSH, and INEF, the Peace Report is edited by Ines-Jacqueline Werkner, Janet Kursawe, Margret Johannsen, Bruno Schoch und Marc von Boemcken. The publication contains individual analyses by over 27 scholars from various disciplines; it looks into conflicts that jeopardize peace and it elaborates and proposes strategies for peace. The Editors' Statement, which is also available in English, is based on these contributions. The Statement sums up and highlights the Report's results and formulates practical recommendations for use in politics and by the general public.


Global Trends. Analysis

The Development and Peace Foundation (sef:) and the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) are launching a new publications series: GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS. The new series aims to identify options for international policy action in an ever more complex world. Furthermore, it presents perspectives from different world regions. The series analyses current developments and challenges against the background of long-term political trends, and it illustrates facts with figures and tables. It thus follows on from GLOBAL TRENDS, published from 1991 to 2015.

The series stands out for its openness to perspectives from different world regions. This is reflected in its international editorial team, which includes renowned academics and practitioners from Brazil, China, India, Lebanon and South Africa. We are very pleased that they have kindly agreed to contribute.



The INEF Report publishes some of the important working results of the Institute's research projects. The INEF Report is published in irregular intervals.


UAR Working Papers on Development and Global Governance

The UAR Working Papers on Development and Global Governance publish outstanding papers of students from the Master Programmes of the UAR Graduate Centre for Development Studies.



Jahrbuch Menschenrechte

With its informative texts by noted authors, the Jahrbuch Menschenrechte, an annual human rights report, provides a contribution to the political discussion on the concept of human rights and what the concept means in practice. The publication aims to inform the reading public about the actual state of human rights on the ground in selected regions and countries.


INEF Policy Brief

Until 2011 INEF Policy Briefs took up important current events and research issues in a concise manner and discussed a range of available policy options and recommendations. In 2012 our cooperative partner, the Peace and Development Foundation (SEF), launched the new publication series “Global Governance Spotlights”. Since then INEF staff members contribute analyses to this publication series. Therefore, the INEF Policy Brief was discontinued.


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