By public transportation:


Leave the central station via the exit “Osteingang/Neudorf“ and go to the bus station next to the UCI cinema entrance. Take the bus 924 (direction Duisburg Sportpark) or bus 933 (direction Universität Nord) and get off at “Duisburg Universität“. The LS-building is situated 300 m away on the right-hand side of Lotharstraße (bus 933: in direction of travel; bus 924: in the opposite direction). The INEF is situated in the left part of the building.


You can also get to the INEF by subway. To do so follow the signs “U-Bahn“ at the platform where your train arrived. At the subway stop “Duisburg Hauptbahnhof“ take the first escalator to platform 3. At the lower part of the platform take the subway 901 in direction “Zoo/Universität“ or “Mülheim“. Get off at “Schweizer Straße“ and follow the Mülheimer Straße in the direction of travel until you reach Lotharstraße. Turn right into Lotharstraße. After about 300 m you will see the LS-building on the left-hand side of the street. The INEF is situated in the left part of the building.

By car:

Coming from the Bundesautobahn (motorway) A3 or A40 take the exit “Kaiserberg“ and follow the signs to “Universität“ via Carl-Benz-Straße and Forsthausweg until you reach the crossroad Forsthausweg/Lotharstraße. Then turn right into Lotharstraße. After about 250 m you will see the LS-building on the right-hand side. The INEF is situated in the left part of the building.



How to get to the INEF [PDF]


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