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Goede, Nils
INEF-Report 98: Die Intervention der Vereinten Nationen in Somalia. Eine Analyse der Entscheidungsprozesse im Sicherheitsrat für die Resolution 794

Coverbild INEF Report

The report analyses the decision-making processes in the security council of the United Nations, which led to the adoption of the Somalia-Resolution 794 on 3 December 1992. (more...)


Wulf, Herbert
INEF-Report 97. Still Under Construction. Regional Organisations' Capacities for Conflict Prevention

Coverbild INEF Report

The international community has progressively tasked regional and sub-regional organisations with conflict prevention and peacekeeping. This is largely due to an overburdened UN system. At the same time regional organisations have increasingly come to accept that violence, inter-state and intra-state wars normally affect the region through destabilizing spill-over effects and that promoting peace is in their own best interest. Yet, it is argued in this report that regional organisations’ peace and security functions still do not amount to an effective regional conflict management regime. Furthermore, not all regional and sub-regional organisations have begun to take on this responsibility.(more...)


RuhrMUN 2009
Invitation to the International Ruhr Model United Nations (RuhrMUN) Simulation-Conference
Wednesday, 17th June - Saturday,20th June 2009

Logo: DuEMUN e.V.

The fifth Model United Nations simulation conference will take place at the University of Duisburg-Essen(DuEMUN) in a new expanded mode from the 17th to the 20th June, 2009. Delegates and lectures from German universities as well as the Middle East, Asia and Africa are invited for the three-day conference.

DuEMUN e.V. expect about 150 international and German delegates and experts, Diplomats and ambassadors from different countries, representatives of civil society organisations and high-profile international keynote speakers will be guests of honour at the opening ceremony.

DuEMUN e.V. aspire to establish closer institutional, research and social ties between participating students, teachers and universities with our conference.

The Institute of Political Science and the student association DuEMUN e.V. (www.duemun.de) in cooperation with the Institute of Development and Peace (INEF) and members of the Institute of East Asian Studies (IN-EAST) have trained delegations for international MUN-Conferences in New York, Peking and Geneva in the previous years. They proved to be an excellent teaching instrument to qualify students for their future professional careers in international institutions.


INEF will manage the new edition of Peace Review

INEF will manage the new edition of Peace Review Dr. Jochen Hippler will be the lead editor of the Friedensgutachten 2009 (Peace Review 2009). This publication is the joint yearbook of five German institutes devoted to peace and conflict research. It has been published annually since 1987. Scientists from various disciplines analyze global conflict trends from a peace research perspective. Publication of the Friedensgutachten is financially supported by the German Foundation for Peace Research.


Martens, Jens / Debiel, Tobias
The MDG Project in Crises. Midpoint Review and Prospects for the Future.

Coverbild Policy Brief 04/2008

A sobering interim review is emerging at the MDG’s midpoint. In order to get the world back on track in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, at the invitation of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a high-level event of governments, business and civil society is to be held in New York on 25th September 2008. This policy brief gives a concise overview of the progress and deficits in implementing the MDGs and highlights some methodological problems in the MDG concept itself. Setting out from this basis, it recommends necessary course corrections in order to successfully continue the MDG project after all. Its proposals contain clear and binding commitments on the part of the industrialised countries, linking the MDGs with the human rights-based approach, promoting functioning governance, strengthening capacities to establish and process data and re-embedding the MDGs into more comprehensive strategies of sustainable human development.


INEF as Co-organizer of workshop on "Peace and Conflict Studies in Practice"

Coverbild Workshop

The workshop takes place on June 27 in Duisburg. In front of more than 100 students from political science, international relations and development policy, speakers from research institutes, NGOs and international and national institutions present their daily work and give insights into how to start a career in this field. For the second time, the Department of International Relations and Development Policy of the University of Duisburg-Essen in cooperation with INEF, UNIAKTIV and the Association of Friends and Supporters of the Institute of Political Science (VdFuF) organizes this hands-on format of workshop. Last year’s event invited experts from the field of development cooperation.
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Bliss, Frank / Neumann, Stefan
INEF-Report 94. Participation in International Development Discourse and Practice. 'State of the Art' and Challenges

Coverbild INEF Report

Participation has become one of the most important buzzwords in the international development discourse since at least the middle of the 1990s. In the same way as older key terms such as gender and socio-cultural conditions of development, or new concepts such as good governance and ownership, the increasing claims for participation (of target groups, of beneficiaries, of stake-holders etc.) are usually accompanied by a critical assessment of previous development cooperation which needs to be improved by stronger, more comprehensive or target-oriented participation. However, this positive connotation of participation shared by almost all actors in the field is increasingly challenged through critical remarks forwarded by theoreticians and practitioners alike. (more...)



Houdret, Annabelle:
INEF Policy Brief 3. Scarce Water, Plenty of Conflicts? Local Water Conflicts and the Role of Development Cooperation

Coverbild Diskussionspapier

Growing water scarcity increases competition for the access to the resource and subsequent conflict potentials in many countries. Water management and related conflicts are increasingly a question of distributive justice and political legitimacy. The Policy Brief analyses the causes of intrastate water conflicts and introduces the main challenges for international development cooperation. By typologising water conflicts and showing corresponding policy options the paper provides an overview of possible strategies to cope with water conflicts. Finally, the Policy Brief offers recommendations on how to better identify, resolve and prevent conflicts in the water sector.


Susanne Schaller:
INEF-Report 91. The Democratic Legitimacy of Private Governance. An Analysis of the Ethical Trading Initiative

Coverbild INEF Report

The INEF-Report publishes some of the important working results of the Institute's research projects. The INEF-Report is a series that appears at irregular intervals. (more...)



Debiel, Tobias / Messner, Dirk / Nuscheler, Franz (Hrsg.):
Global Trends 2007. Vulnerability and Human Security in the 21st Century.

Coverbild Policy Brief

Tobias Debiel, Dirk Messner, Franz Nuscheler Frankfurt/M.: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 2006, 91 pages ISBN: 3-927626-44-9 (more...)


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